5+ Best WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins 2022 (Free & Premium)

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best wordpress plagiarism checker plugin for website

Plagiarism is nothing but keeping someone else’s assets when you use their work without recognizing their ideas. Plagiarism is a problem that grows day by day. It is one of the serious problems that happen with writers, bloggers, and students. They need to check and resolve the plagiarism is on the high. 

Now many cases of self-plagiarism registered, which means many people become a victim of content robbing.

Best WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins help you to find duplicate content in your website, blog, or essay and assist you to resolve the problem with the help of a plugin. Using this you are able to find the duplication of content on-site and make your site SEO friendly. 

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Let us check them out.

Top WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins

1. Plagiarism Checker Pro:

It is one of the ideal and fastest plagiarism checkers plugins that detect copied content on the internet in a few seconds. This plugin Checker Pro has a 700000+ active connection on a date.

wordpress plagiarism checker plugin firefox

This is one of the online content checker tools that gives results in seconds to check and compare the content. It gives the exact result of pages that have been copied. This plugin needs a subscription for a free trial period after the end of the trial you need to pay to use its services.

Some features of the Plagiarism Checker Pro tool:

  • It gives the slider display of plagiarized content on your site.
  • Using these plugins you are able to check the whole content just by copying the paragraph and sentences.
  • It is a very simple and easy-to-use plugin you can add anywhere in your WordPress site and start checking the content.

2. Copyscape: 

Copyscape is the most popular plagiarism checker tool for checking duplicate content. This plugin is very fast and able to give accurate results at the end. 

This plugin comes with various Copyscape APIs that help to check directly plagiarized content in your dashboard. It is a free plugin available for users. Using this plugin, you will find the person who has copied your content without asking for your approval. With the help of Copyscape, you are directly able to detect copied data automatically.

plagiarism checker wordpress plugin

While adding this plugin to your website there is no need to review articles several times. Copyscape tracks all your data and also helps the publisher and author to search for duplicate content in the article. This plugin is compatible with all approved browsers such as opera, safari, chrome, etc.

This tool is available in both the free and paid version you get the regular basic plan at $25 and extends its license at $95 to get unlimited benefits and features.

3. Prepostseo: 

Prepostseo is one of the truly effective as well as Free Online plagiarism checker plugins for WordPress. This plugin provides easy services for duplicate content on the web. It is easy to use. To use this tool you just need to copy-paste the content and this tool scans all text automatically and finds duplicate content.

best free plagiarism checker wordpress

As compared with others this plugin has fewer features but for any type of blog or content, it works perfectly. It also helps to increase the SEO ranking of your site. One of the best parts about this plugin is that it’s available free with excellent features and functionality with no extra service charge. This is the most useful free tool available for all users. It is available for download from wordpress.org.

Prepostseo offers other tools with no extra charge that as paraphrasing tools and grammar checkers, this tool helps to write error-free and accurate content for your SEO and your blog. It also offers SEO tools free of cost such as an SEO score checker that helps to analyze your site from every side. This new service makes this plugin different from other plugins.

Some Key features of the Prepostseo:

  • It tests the links or anchor tags used in your post if they are working or broken.
  • This tool identifies the SEO rating of your pages and gives suggestions to improve them.
  • Search the contents for the spells and grammar errors.
  • The accuracy of this plugin is ten times that of others.

4. Small SEO Tool

This Small SEO Tool is one best plagiarism checker plugins for wordpress to provide a totally free service with lots of features and resources. Its top uses plugins across the world.

best free plagiarism checker for wordpress

You can easily examine the website content and find duplicate content with just one click of the result. Using this check sentence duplication with a hundred percent accuracy. 

Some Key features of the Prepostseo:

  • Check overall duplicate sentences
  • Compare all post copy content of blogs
  • Check the content on web pages
  • Real-time Content checking plugins

5. Plagiarism Auto-Check: 

Plagiarism Auto-Check is one of the best plagiarism checker WordPress plugins in the market. This plugin owned a title as the most delicate WordPress detection tool in the market. It gives us a user-friendly framework.

It is the most popular plagiarism checker plugin in WordPress. Through this plugin, you get the exact pages that your original material gets copied. Also, you get the name of the user, email ids, and addresses where your content gets plagiarized. 

With the help of this plugin, you also monitor people’s responses to your content. It offers a regular license and a pro version. For regular it’s available for $17 and the pro version $85. 

It allows sending a DMCA warning to the recipient so that copied pages are taken down.  One of the best parts about this plugin is it immediately detects plagiarism for any content. 

Some features of the Plagiarism Auto-Check:

  • Schedule Check
  • Email Alert
  • Whois Info
  • Similarity Percentage
  • Recognize Backlink
  • Proxis Support

Final thoughts

These are the best plagiarism checker plugins for WordPress that come with both free and premium prices. Using these plugins, you can easily find duplicate sentences. 

We really hope this list of WordPress duplicate content checker plugins is the perfect choice for your website.  If you have any suggestions for reading these tools then suggest us to the comment section.

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