Top 5 WooCommerce Multi-vendor WordPress Plugins for Marketplace 2022 (uPDATED)

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WooCommerce Multi Vendor Wordpress Plugins

Nowadays, the Multi-vendor marketplace is more popular after the success of Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. To create your marketplace is now a dream of everyone. 

But building a marketplace comes with responsibilities like managing multiple sellers, setting commissions; delivery, shipping rates, and many more that time we need a multi-vendor plugin to get a seamless experience for the customer.

Firstly, we have to know that WooCommerce multi vendor wordpress plugins are nothing but a firm where you can buy a product as a buyer or sell your products as a vendor. Here you can buy or sell various types of products there is no specificity.

To create a WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace, we need to select the best multi-vendor WordPress plugins. 

List Marketplace Multi-Vendor WordPress Plugins

 1. Dokan Multivendor: 

Dokan Multi Vendor WordPress Plugins

As compared to another multi-vendor plugin, Dokan multivendor is one of the top and powerful WordPress plugins. 

The features of Dokan multi-vendor help you to create a marketplace like Amazon, Olx, etc. it is an easy-to-use and user-friendly plugin in the WooCommerce Multi-vendor marketplace. Dokan easily works with the many other themes that support WooCommerce. 

It provides a personalized dashboard to the vendor to find everything that they need. But not share the backend access only with the admin. The features that come with the Dokan separated between its free and pro version. It’s updated day by day, that’s why it is the most important multi-vendor plugin in the WooCommerce marketplace.

As we say Dokan is the most powerful plugin there is some specific reason it supports the various payment gateway available for everyone in the marketplace. Many vendors want to sell the same product so it’s not getting any complications. Dokan allows every vendor to sell the same product. It is very easy to use so it’s not taking too much time to run the marketplace.

2. WC Vendor: 

WC Vendor Multi Vendor WordPress Plugins

WC Vendor is one more popular multi-vendor plugins for WordPress. You can be used to sell physical, digital, and various types of products, and able to create your marketplace like unique as well as handmade things. 

Compared with other multi-vendor plugins WC vendor is more popular using their unique marketing strategy.

WC vendor is a free multivendor plugin that comes with the features. It allows a vendor to sell virtual products and tangible products. Using these vendors can get their storefront and also provide their dashboard and allow them to manage their products and track orders.

Wc vendor allows a user to create their multi-vendor marketplace quickly without any type of coding. It gives the feature to the sent automatic notifications to the vendor for a new order.

3. Wc Marketplace:

Wc Marketplace Multi Vendor WordPress Plugins

It is another multi-vendor WooCommerce wordpress plugin that helps multiple vendors to add a single product. This plugin helps you to manage a huge number of vendors in your store. 

The best part about the WC is that it provides the features for free and gives frontend skills with the help of the extension if you want then you have to purchase it.

With the help of a plugin, vendors can clone, and customize the same product in your marketplace, so the transparency of the marketplace increases.

Wc marketplace helps to communicate with all vendors through a universal message board. It also gives an in-built option to create a multi vendor registration form this access is only given to the admin.

Wc marketplace plugin is available in the form of an extension of WooCommerce, if you want to use it then you must have to install and activate it on your WordPress site.

The best part about the Wc marketplace is it updates itself with the new trends and offers new add-ons. It also has the same features as Dokan multivendor and WC vendor.

4. YITH Multi-Vendor:

 YITH Multi Vendor WooCommerce Multivendor Plugins

YITH Multi-Vendor is one of the best plugins that help to create a multi-vendor marketplace in WooCommerce. Using this plugin you can create a marketplace where other people can sell their product and get a profit. It helps to create a marketplace very quickly like Dokan and Wc vendors. 

As compared with Dokan multivendor and WC vendor it does not give vendors their frontend dashboard, so, they are not capable to add their products or update products through the frontend dashboard but using this plugin you can manage multiple vendors on a single site. 

But they have an extension WITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce which helps to give frontend functionalities that are not given by the plugin but it’s not available for free it’s a premium extension with a frontend dashboard.

YITH multi-vendor is a free multi-vendor marketplace wordpress plugin available for WooCommerce with limited features. By using YITH multi-vendor you can convert your e-commerce into a marketplace with multiple vendors.

5. Socio Multi-Vendor: 

Socio Multi Vendor WordPress Plugins

Socio multi vendor is one of the top-rated WordPress WooCommerce multi vendor plugins for the marketplace. This plugin was not listed in the WordPress plugin list but the review cannot stop us to leave this one out. 

Socio multi vendor works as beneficial for the user with the help of these multiple vendors can sell the same product which means buyers get the option to select the product from the vendor which they want.

Socio Multi store is nothing but a WordPress extension that helps to create your WordPress sites into a multi vendor Marketplace. This plugin achieves the purpose of multi-vendor which means adding vendors and sell their product on your site with a commission.

All the rights of the site are set for the admin like adding and removing vendors from the site.

This plugin is not as powerful as compared with Dokan and WC multi-vendor but comes with some good features also; it supports the payment gateway that comes with WooCommerce.

These vendors submit an application form to add the product after the admin approval product will be displayed on site and the commission rate is set by the admin on different levels. The best feature of the plugin is its shortcode support to keep eye on the vendor’s log and application.

Final Words

For your e-commerce business website, it is a big opportunity to earn passive income using this WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace plugins for WordPress.

We really hope with the help of this plugin, you can easily set up your multi-vendor marketplace for your website.

If you have any questions regarding Multi-Vendor plugins use the comment section below.

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