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The latest Google area 120 launches the “experimental social video sharing app” -The name is Google Tangi apps, the short form of video maker (60-second tutorials) application for hobbies and other interests that you want to learn.

Google Tangi video is a “social video sharing” app to learn and discover new things every day and you can try them yourself too. 

The area 120 launches are Google’s in-house incubator for innovative projects that may entirety day be integrated into an existing service. It is now available in the App Store and at 

The latest from Google is Tangi an app focused on curating do-it-yourself videos on cooking, fashion, beauty or home improvement. This is a Tik-Tok alternatives platform, where you can easily make in short-form 60-second tutorials videos. 

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In this google blog post information about this Google Tangi app. The Service Team leader Coco Mao wrote about the Google Tangi apps that the services is a place to discover and share DIY video information, content for things like the recipe, crafting, painting, makeup, fashion, and style tips, and various topics. 

You can Also be called Alternatives Tik Tok. The Google Tangi, Unlike alternative Tik Tok apps, newly founded Byte form China, which are more focused on entertainment, 

Google Tangi apps aim to help people learn and only focus on DIY and creativity content,” explains the service teal leader Google Tangi, Coco Mao.

Coco Mao says the Tangi apps specially designed to make, or create it easier for users to find a lot of high-quality learning videos. The goal of this application is to help people learn with quick one-minute videos. 

Coco Mao was motivated to design Tangi after going home to visit her parents in Shanghai. She saw they were watching a lot of how-to videos on painting and photography on their phone, even though she had always believed they were “smartphone challenged.”

The search company says Tangi’s name comes from “the words TeAch aNd GIve and ‘tangible’ — things you can make.”

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This Tangi 60 second video platform divided into Art, Cooking, DIY, Fashion and Beauty, and Lifestyle categories. 

Another issue is that the Google Tangi download mobile apps currently available only for iOS, with Android users having to make do with the website rather There is no Android app present as of now, it takes some time for Android users.

Google Tangi Video check some of these out features:

  1. Bring Boring White Candles to Life
  2. DIY Spoon Flower
  3. Pink Velvet Cake with Marbled Hearts
  4. Snowflake Craft DIY
  5. Quick style in 60 seconds or less!

Get the app(download) from the Apple App Store ( iOS) or go to download google Tangi official website at for amazing creative inspiration. Learn new things every day on Tangi

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