6 Best WordPress Theme Detector for Websites

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online wordpress theme detector

WordPress is so popular and the reason behind its themes and Plugins, Also its most popular content management system (CMS). By using its themes and plugins, there are several ways to customize your website.

If you come across several numbers of websites with designs that are so good, and you want it for your website. It Means you want that focused and stylish design for yourself, but you can’t because you don’t know which theme that website is using, but that’s not a dilemma anymore.

In that case, some handy WordPress theme detectors will help you to find out the theme of your target website, so you can easily download and use it on your website.

It is important to know that there are multiple WordPress theme detectors available, so, in the beginning, it is quite difficult to find out the best ONE.

WordPress theme name detectors are the tools that help to find out the information about the theme used on the WordPress site. Information like theme name, author, and version of the theme.

Now, let’s start 

Top Online WordPress theme Detectors and Checker

1. WordPress Theme Detector :-  

WP theme detector(WTD) is a very fine-free tool that can provide you with various information about the theme. This tool is great itself not only because it is user-friendly but the way it describes the theme is most acceptable. 

WordPress Theme Detector Website

Free WordPress theme detector is an online tool you just need to enter the URL of the site in which you want to detect the theme and then simply enter the button.

The tool delivers exact information about is theme description, tag, Plugin, license, and author of the theme, you may also get the popularity of the as well as where the download link of that theme is available.

WordPress theme detector will not only detect the main theme of the website, but also detect the parent theme of it. It also shows which plugins of the website are using.

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2. ScanWP :- 

Another well-known important web-based tool is ScanWP that is used by thousands of website developers and designers to detect the theme of the WordPress website.

ScanWP theme checker for website

If you are beginner and looking for a simple WordPress theme detector then ScanWP is the best choice.

It cannot provide additional information about the theme it provides the basic information it just tells you the name, author, URL, and sometimes the price of a theme.

In the end, it provides an impressive list of scanned themes, page builders, and plugins. ScanWP also shows keywords and recent traffic results of the website.

3.  WPSniffer :- 

WPSniffer is one of the BEST chrome extensions but it is not in tool form. WPSniffer is a chrome extension made by PenguinWP. It shows the theme’s title and homepage a WordPress site is using. It doesn’t show the details of the theme as an author, tags, and plugins.

WPSniffer theme detector chrome extension

It is very easy to use. You just need to click on the install button and a WPSniffer icon shows in your browser.

You don’t need to put a URL just go to the WordPress site and then click the extension icon then you’ll get what you want. When the WordPress theme is detected, the icon turns into an orange automatically.

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4. What WordPress Theme Is That :- 

It is one of the online tools formed to detect a WordPress theme of a particular site. Simply go to the tool’s page and enter the URL of a site that you want to check in the search bar.

What WordPress Theme Is That checker

To define What WordPress Theme Is That says it is the best tool that allows the user quickly to detect the theme of the website.

This theme detector shows the main theme as well as the parent theme of the website. Once the website is detected it gives you the link of the theme and author’s homepage apart from this the plugin used by the WordPress website it directly shows on the screen of your website.

5. What Theme :- 

 It is a great tool that detects the WordPress theme, and also shows a particular detail about a theme like an author, version, license, and main URL of a theme it has tags related to its purpose, and a description. The main thing about the theme is that it identifies the main theme quickly and delivers you the author that built it.

Online What theme detector

The best part about what theme is that besides WordPress you can use it for Joomla, Blogger, Shopify, Ghost, Drupal, Tumblr, Magento, and Big Cartel.

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6. IsItWP:-  

A name suggests that a tool is to find what websites are built with and other information about the websites. one of the most revealing tools for detecting the website’s information.

top IsItWP wordpress themes detector

It just not a theme detector it gives you the complete analysis of the website with its technological details.

Firstly it gives the theme URL, plugins used by sites although webserver, email services, payment providers, frameworks, JavaScript libraries, CSS media queries, and more.

How to Find Out Manual Theme Detection

In order to manually detect WordPress website themes, you can use the subsequent steps to discover the themes and plugins of the website.

Step 1 – 

Open website home page then click to right and select the view page source option


Alternatively, press CTRL+U to view source 

Step 2 – 

You can detect the themes by searching for the site’s stylesheet (style.css). Just do a swift search with CTRL+F for style.css.

This is an easy way to manually select WordPress website themes 

Wrapping Up 

Website themes are the most crucial part to choose the right for the website. We will suggest that you can make some competitor website lists that you want to make your design attractive.

You can use all the compared above-listed top six WordPress theme detector websites to discover more about themes and plugins. 

In order to save a lot of time and effort, all you need to do is enter a website URL then you can find what theme and plugins are using on their website.

As per our recommendation to WP Theme Detector (WPTD) and ScanWP is the most accurate site to find themes.

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