6+ Best WordPress Security and Antivirus Plugins 2022 (uPDATED)

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WordPress Security and Antivirus Plugins

We all are aware of the importance of Security for a website. Nowadays many sites get affected by malware because of a security violation. 

WordPress is a popular platform to host the website, if you want to secure your site from viruses, hackers & malware, Then you’re going to need a topmost WordPress security and antivirus plugin for the website. 

Most of the people try to keep their website safe, Are you one of them? To keep a safe website, ask yourself do I need WordPress security plugins?

In this blog, we are going to connect with the highest accuracy rating WordPress antivirus plugins that are best for your website. 

WordPress Security & Antivirus Plugins Comparison

#1. Wordfence Security 

Antivirus Malware WordPress Plugin

WordFence is one of the free tools with amazing Security Features that make your website safe and secure. It is the most downloaded WordPress security defense plugin for beginners.  

Antivirus malware WordFence WordPress plugins provide a wide range of security and fight spam, malware, and other threats. WordFence is a commonly used plugin that automatically scans the website with common threats but at the same time, you can launch a full scan.

A WordFence protects from hacking malware, spiteful traffic, and many more features. Also, you’ll receive information on security guidelines.

#2. Sucuri Security 

Antivirus Software WordPress Plugin

Today Sucuri is the best plugin for those people who are looking for kind security of the all-in-one system. 

In this antivirus-site-protection wordpress plugin, we get the benefits like cleans and scans your site of any malware threats. With Sucuri you can do malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, core integrity check, and post-hack Actions except for malware scanning all these features come with the free version of Sucuri security. 

If you’re waiting for a cost-effective way to protect your WordPress website, Sucuri Security is a top choice performance.

One of the most trusted platforms for WordPress. Sucuri Security offers both free and pro versions yet most of the websites are satisfied with the free version.

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#3. iThemes Security

Antivirus Site Protection WordPress Plugin

iThemes Security is another well-liked choice for the WordPress user. Most of the WordPress users are known with the team that builds iThemes Security Pro.

iThemes Security and malware protection plugin for WordPress offers over 30 ways to keep your site secure.

iThemes Security offers many benefits if you are going to install the free version of iThemes Security then it comes with the basic features. These include common protection vulnerabilities, strong password execution, spam blocking and more security features.

The following are features offer by IThemes Security Plugin 

  • Powerful password enforcement
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • 404 detection and plugin scans
  • Scheduled malware scans
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Dashboard widgets

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#4. All In One WP Security & Firewall

Website Antivirus WordPress Plugin

WordPress has many security plugins but All in One WP Security & Firewall is a very user-friendly plugin that might handle everything to secure your WordPress site.

This website antivirus WordPress plugin takes your website to another level of Security. It is created and addressed by an expert and it is easy to use and understand.

All in One Security & Firewall is the most downloaded and well-maintained plugin for improving your website. All in one security plugin is packed with powerful security features.

The following are features offer by All In One WP Security & Firewall

  • Login lockdown
  • Security strength meter
  • Backup Wp-config file
  • Account activity logs
  • Enable manual approval of new registrations:
  • Check and improve file system permission
  • Block IP or IP range as well as user agents.
  • Block external access to XMLRPC

#5. MalCare Security and Firewall

Best WordPress Security Plugins

One more exciting WordPress plugin is nothing but malcare Antivirus Defense and Firewall. This plugin is not only a security plugin it is also a firewall. 

When the thing comes to use malcare is very easy you just need to create an account on the website once you are done then just download and install the plugin and activate it on your website. 

The process is completed and the basic scan is automatically done by the plugin itself, you can also scan manually by clicking on the button.

The best thing about malcare guards is the scan does not affect the website. Malcare runs on its server that’s why the website is not getting slow down during a scan.

The following are features offer by MalCare Security and Firewall

  • MalCare Security Plugin Features:
  • Bulk Website Updates
  • Website Hardening
  • Login Protection
  • Generate Client reports
  • White-Label MalCare
  • Team Collaboration

#6. SecuPress Antivirus

Antivirus Plugins for WordPress

Another one plugin to prevent the website from online threats is SecuPress. It Protects your website from malware, black boats, and suspicious Ip. You can use both the free version and pro to use it download from WordPress.

This plugin takes care of everything with automated tasks. The free version of secuPress comes with great features like blocked IPs, anti-brute force login, and a firewall. Some features like the protection of security keys make her different from most other free plugins.

The pro version of secuPress activates weekly scan and reports back any unusual activities which happen on the website. SecuPress scanner is also especially useful as it scans your website with six main security points. When scanning is done it offers you a one-click solution to all the detected threats.

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Final Words

Website security is top priority of every site’s owner. Keep your WordPress sites secure then you need to install the best WordPress antivirus plugins. 

Above are the lists of best WordPress security and antivirus plugins to choose according to your needs t and add more security layers to your WordPress.

If you know of any defense and antivirus plugins for WordPress? Don’t forget to share with us.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask with the comments below.

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