10 Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes (Deals in 2023)

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best woocommerce wordpress themes

Woocommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the entire world. 30% of online shopping stores are powered by woocommerce. WordPress and woocommerce plugins are together the best platforms for the small and large shopkeeper to build their business online successfully.

There are tons of premium and free woocommerce plugins available on the web. Using them we can make a more professional and trustworthy shopping experience and extend your brand online.

Below we have provided a list of the woocommerce themes which have all features required for your online store. We save your searching time and you only can concentrate on making a website.

List of Best WordPress WooCommerce Themes

1. Shoppe

responsive wordpress woocommerce theme

Shoppe is a highly customized and theme used for e-commerce, online shop, lifestyle, and fashion, etc. It includes quick product search, AJAX shopping cart, wishlist, quick look lightbox, product image zoom, and more. Also, it contains tons of layouts and styling options that are very easy to use. It contains Themify Builder which is used to build custom layouts.

Due to instant demo import within minutes, you will get the exact shop as shown in the demo. It has additional theme skin which can transform your theme into a different look and feel. Using Themify builder you can build any type of layout as your choice by drag and drop. There are 60+ regular layouts and 20+ shop landing page layouts. You have to include a shop feature to attract visitors and make them feel your website as a brand shop.

2. StoreVilla

premium woocommerce wordpress theme

Store Villa is a free and premium woocommerce WordPress theme for online shops and stores. It is built using a powerful woocommerce plugin and has all features which make it a full e-commerce theme. It has 10+ custom widgets to make attractive layouts to show your product elegantly.

 It is beautifully designed and it is perfect for digital, fashion jewelry, and cosmetic stores. Also, it is translation-ready because it has a translation plugin and it is compatible with all major plugins. It is fully customizable and it is a next-generation theme. Due to this, you can earn happy customers for you.

It has some extra features like unlimited slider options, background configuration, multiple category display layout, SEO optimized schema, fast loading, etc.

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3. Neve

woocommerce themes for shopping websites

Neve modern and classic e-commerce WordPress theme used for online stores and shopping websites. It has all the necessary plugins that’s why it is very fast, creative, and feature-rich. It has a premium page builder for customization. Its mobile-first approach, compatibility with AMP, and popular page builders make it accessible to everyone.

Google-like fast website and neve make a top score on page speed insight performance test. Neve takes 0.6 s to load. This theme is low in weight without sacrificing its flexibility and its size is 28kb only.

It has extra features like translation and RTL ready, SEO friendly markup, no JQuery, 1-click rollback, safe updates, and fast support, accessibility possible, etc.

4. Meta store

handmade shop wordpress woocommerce theme

Meta store is one of the top free WordPress theme used for e-commerce and online stores for selling their product. It comes with 3 pre-designed demo layouts that can be installed in one click.

This theme is based on the eliminator and it has 12 pre-in-build widgets for eliminator page builders. You can use all widgets for creating your online shop and you can modify it also without touching a single line of code.  You can easily download meta store woocommerce themes from WordPress websites.

There is a wide range of access for color, you also get category-wise products that are a very easy search option. It comes with a beautiful product archive page and a single product page to show our product in a stunning way to attract visitors. It has some standard features

  • Translation ready
  • live customizer
  • niche-specific design
  • Faster page load
  • User-friendly support.

5. AccessPress store

wordpress woocommerce marketplace theme

Accesspress store is a powerful woocommerce WordPress theme used for online stores and having all e-commerce features. The theme is highly flexible and perfect for any type of webshops like technology store, fashion store, interior store, accessories store, and online supermarket.

It has a multiple-category display layout along with advanced search options. It has some standard features like a next-generation woocommerce theme, unlimited slider options, a highly configurable home page, 4 woocommerce archive layouts, and 14 custom widgets.

6. Astra

multipurpose woocommerce wordpress theme download

Astra is a lightweight and highly customizable WordPress woocommerce marketplace theme for an online store. Its performance-optimized code is reducing your shop’s load timing. It can load dynamically, meaning the customer can scroll down more products. Also, it has a traditional grid layout and product page options.

It has features like pre-built starter themes, templates, responsive design, gallery options, infinite scroll, widget optimized, dedicated, and off-canvas sidebars.

7. Flatsome

free woocommerce wordpress theme

Flatsome is built using UX builder and it is an awesome theme for e-commerce. Its front end builder includes 30 content elements, load fast, 9 shop elements, and 5 layout elements. All content helps you to build unique and beautiful designs for your woocommerce shop or store. You can create different layouts for mobile, desktop, tablets. You can create banners and sliders without the help of any WordPress plugins.

It includes required features like live chat support, mobile-optimized, product quick view, built-in affiliate options, three sales bubble styles, three category list styles, and a highly versatile theme.

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8. Digital Pro

wordpress woocommerce integration theme

Digital Pro is another excellent WordPress woocommerce integration theme. It is user-friendly and highly optimized for speed and performance. If you are building a business of digital goods you need a theme for your website which helps your efforts.

It also supports the marketing of your digital product with easy-to-read and trustworthy visitors. It has some features like mobile-friendly, you can upload your logo with one button, etc.

9. Zigcy

most popular woocommerce wordpress theme

Zigcy is a fully customizable and most popular mobile woocommerce WordPress theme. It is created for building an e-commerce site that helps you to extend your business. This theme has tons of configuration options and it is stylish, modern, and very creative.

10. Shopay

top free wordpress theme used for e-commerce

Shopay is one of the themes used for online stores and e-commerce sites. This theme is fully customizable and helps you to build a beautiful website using all features. It integrated with all woocommerce features and upgraded e-commerce business to help increase sales.

It contains a one-click demo import plugin and has pre-built templates. It is a very user-friendly and Gutenberg-compatible WordPress theme. Fully responsible you can place your order from any type of device like a tablet, mobile, desktops.

Shopay has some extra features like it having 10+ widgets, Responsive layouts and design, YITH woocommerce wishlist plugins, site speed is fully optimized, its widgets and pages are highly customizable, and it has multiple ecommerce layouts. This theme provides live support via the forum, live chat, support tickets, and regular updates. 

Final Word on WP WooCommerce Themes

All woocommerce themes from the above list are created by professional WordPress developers using the latest technology. Some themes are older but developers update them from time to time. We have collected only the best-optimized e-commerce theme that was provided to support. you can contact the support team for any updates or problems related to any theme.

We provided a list of the themes for ecommerce, hope you will need one theme for your business and online store. We guarantee that you can save time by using the above theme. Select a theme by installing a demo and you will get all features for your e-commerce site.

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