4 Best Medium Alternatives in 2020 – Similar Blog Site for Writer and Reader.

If you are finding the best medium alternative site for reading, writing and publishing a blog and stories. Then this article helps you to the right one.

A medium is a new place on the internet where people can easily publish their content, stories and ideas. It is the best online publishing platform for everyone. 

Medium developed by Evan Williams and started in August 2012. Originally Medium developed for shared people more ideas and content as a way to longer than Twitter 140-character (now 280-character). Evan Williams, beforehand co-founder of Blogger and Twitter as per Wikipedia Information. 

Medium is best and mainly beneficial for every writer and reader, where they don’t need money for publishing their articles that the reasons Medium Is the right one. It specially designed to create your own blog and stories in a few minutes without spending money that executes your day great and manifestos that change the world. 

Medium no longer remains the free and ad-free paradise for everyone. It is useful, and collaborative for helps to find the right audience. While Medium might look like a conventional blogging platform, and is strongly influenced by social prophets.  

In this article, we shared the best medium alternative for all readers, writers, and publishers.

Medium Alternative Sites for Writer and Publisher in 2020

medium alternatives for publishers

Ghost is a fully open-source, blogging platform and content management site for building a convenient online publication. 

It is simple and easy to use platform with a broad range of full-blown editor for proper post formatting and modified to suit your requirements.

The ghost is a similar site like a medium. It’s also easy to customizable for creating your personal stories, blog and publish thoughts or research.

Ghost is the best medium blog alternatives for writers paid platform however you will get 14 Days free trial. The Ghost platform allows you to manage and publicize your particular blog, ideas, and content the way you want. 

#What Customer Say About Ghost

ghost alternatives to medium blog


  • Easy Setup and Manage
  • Ultra-fast content management
  • Full Control Over Design
  • Versatile theme choices
  • No popups or ads


  • The hosted version is paid
  • No commenting method

2. Write.as

medium alternatives 2020

Write. as is an open writing platform for the users to creating a blog, ideas, & posts for social media, and more. This is a good platform for anonymous users to create posts as they shared their minimum information by providing a link to the post.

Write. as is the best alternatives to medium for a user to write content anywhere and publish them in any browser, mobile device with a user-friendly application.

Also, this is the right place to privacy-focused, minimalist, distraction-free, writer and publishing platforms for every user. 


  • Distraction-free
  • Minimalist
  • Write and Publish Anywhere
  • Highly privacy-focused
  • Never lose your Content
  • Stable and Flexible


  • Paid platform
  • No customizations for Writer

3. Tumblr

free medium alternatives for writter

Tumblr is another world’s best microblogging platform that allows to user can share content, blog, photos and more. 

This is the most useful platform for the user to publish a tumblelog or short blog posts, content that is simple to share and things that people require to receive with others.  

tumblr similar sites like medium


  • Easy and Simple interface
  • Create more engaging content
  • Improving your audience
  • Built-in marketplace
  • Easy to use editor
  • Easily shared photos and GIF


  • Less long-term visitors
  • Functionality limitations
  • Not considered good for SEO.

4. Telegra.ph

It is one of the similar sites like medium to best publishing articles, blog platform. Easily post an article without creating an account.


  • No sign up required
  • Made by Telegram


  • You cannot create a personal blog
  • The blog cannot be customized

Final Words – These Medium Alternative Similar Sites in 2020

We hope this article helps you to determine the best medium alternatives for reading, witting and publish content.  

There are several other blog reading and publishing platforms available on the internet but Medium is the best and unique about the blogging platform. It is quite hard to get similar sites like medium alternatives in 2020

Do check this list, if you know any other best and similar medium alternatives as we are not listed then write on the comment box below.

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